Virginia Design Medal + Residency at Hanbury

In August 2023, I was one of three Virginia Design Medalists.

Established in 2004, the Hanbury Virginia Design Medalist program (VDM) continues to be a pioneering initiative bridging the gap between academia, the architectural profession, and the broader community. This unique association between Hanbury and distinguished individuals from diverse disciplines has consistently enriched the design environment, nurtured talent, and stimulated engaging conversations within the firm. The VDM program’s core vision, founded on the principle of continuous learning, emulates the ‘collegiate studio experience’ in the workplace. Over the years, the program has evolved, embracing a broader range of topics and engaging professionals and organizations with expertise beyond conventional design fields.

The central theme for the 2023 program seeks to push the boundaries of design proficiency and exploration. This year’s Medalists, Jonathan Warner, Joshua Vermillion, and Nero Chenxuan He, will bring their unique experiences and perceptions on the emerging topics of Ai, computational design, and the enigmatic ‘third place,’ as they venture beyond the traditional confines of architectural education and practice.

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