Presentation at the Taylor X Symposium at the University of Calgary

Joshua Vermillion was a keynote speaker at the Taylor X Symposium. The Taylor X Symposium celebrates 10 years of the Taylor Seminar Block Course at the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Environmental Design (EVDS). Each year EVDS brings emerging designers in the fields of digital fabrication, design and computation in architecture to Calgary to explore design research proposals and prototypes with a group of students. Over the course of 4-5 days students develop design responses to an agenda described and facilitated by the Taylor Lecturer, typically through a digitally informed process of making.  The Seminar includes a public lecture and exhibit of the work of the lecturer and the students.

The Taylor Seminar was established in 2008 and is named for Dale Taylor one of the founding faculty members of EVDS. The course has been developed as a vehicle for exposing students to emerging modes of practice and supporting design research through collaboration. Associate Professor Jason Johnson has organized the course for the last 10 years.

Taylor Seminar Lecturers

2009       Marc Fornes

2010       Andrew Kudless

2011       Drura Parrish

2012       Nick Puckett

2013       Alvin Huang

2014       Joshua Vermillion

2015       Mariana Ibañez & Simon Kim

2016       Ellie Abrons & Adam Fure

2017       Tom Verebes

2018       Dana Cupkova

Local Host

Faculty of Environmental Design, University of Calgary
Laboratory for Integrative Design, University of Calgary