Fundamentals of Digital Design for Architecture Online Course on Kadenze

Fundamentals of Digital Design for Architecture on Kadenze

New online course taught by Joshua Vermillion, UNLV School of Architecture:

This program is a new spin on beginning architectural design, introducing digital skill sets and parametric thinking through drawing, modeling, and prototyping. The exercises progress from two-dimensional drawings and graphic compositions, to three-dimensional spatial studies, to physical and material investigations. At each step, computational design tools and digital information are used to generate, analyze, prototype architectural design propositions. The exercises can be performed with an array of software, however the course demonstrations make use of Rhino3D and Adobe Illustrator (no prior experience with Rhino and Illustrator is required, in fact, the exercises are structured for students to learn how to deploy these tools from scratch). Regardless of specific software tools, the principles that are introduced and applied in this course make it suitable for a range of audiences—beginners, as well as professionals who wish to retool their skills in digital design.