Arcus= (Often called roll or shelf cloud.) A dense and horizontal roll cloud or wedge-shaped accessory cloud, sometimes appearing ragged and turbulent.

Animus= The basic impulses and instincts which govern one’s actions; a spirit; or a feeling of enmity, animosity or ill will.

During a four day intensive workshop this Installation was completed by an Inconvenient Studio in Collaboration with Philip Beesley of The University of Waterloo, and Brad Rothenberg of Pratt Institute, under the instruction of Mahesh Senegala, and Josh Vermillion. Funding for this collaboration was made possible by The Institute for Digital Fabrication. Throughout the spring semester of 2009, An Inconvenient Studio has been examining architecture through the involvement and execution of smart, kinetic technologies which will allow buildings the same flexibility in performance and action that our bodies and environmental systems currently allow. These pursuits fed into this physical kinetic evolution of lightweight material manipulations. The result is a scaffold of suspended kinetic meshwork, populated by secondary components such as a light weight, expanded textile meshwork. Responding in conjunction with microprocessor-controlled actuators and sensors, the system self adjusts based on the location of users in the space. Such dynamic performance offers an example of a responsive architectural envelope.

Designer and Workshop Leader: Philip Beesley. Workshop Assistance and Coder: Bradley Rothenberg. 

Students: Deepak Baniya, Elizabeth Boone, Eric Brockmeyer, Adam Buente, Luke Christen, Brad Horn, Brandon Hoopingarner, Paul Konwinski, Yevgen Monakhov, Brianna Newton, Kyle Perry, Daisy Winkler. 

Instructors: Mahesh Daas, Joshua Vermillion